K&P Century Ride FAQ’s

What bike can I use?
Your own! Well….a road bike will not work. A gravel bike will work best on most sections of the course. There may be some rougher sections where the bike handling of a mountain bike would be helpful,  this isn’t called the Kick and PUSH for nothing!

What is the course? 
Two 50 km laps in Central Frontenac. In the spirit of the name, 60 % of the ride will follow the beautiful K & P Trail north onto some gravel roads and a few off road sections.  A GPX file will be sent 48 hours before the race. 

Is there a Cut Off Time?
While we highly encourage all levels of riders, there will be a cut-off time of 3.5 hours for the first lap, for the solo and relay categories. We feel that this is a very fair and doable time of approx. 15km /hour. For the relay team if your first partner is not back at the cut-off time, the second rider will not get to ride.

Is this a mass start race?
At this time, we reserve the right to make this decision closer to race day. Factors like weather, trail conditions, number of participants will all be considered. A Neutral or Lamans start may be a possibility.

Will there be water stations on course?
Nope, we’re not your mothers! However there will be a table for extra water bottles at the Start/Finish Lap where you can switch out bottles, grab fuel before heading out on your second lap.

What do I need, and can I bring on Race Day?  
Have  the gear you need to be self sustained so please look at the gear list and make sure you have the mandatory gear at check-in or you will not be allowed to race. 

Can I bring a cheering squad? 
Absolutely, however the nature of long distance cycling will be hard to be seen on course, but those finish line photos will be sweet!

How does the Relay work?
Decide with your teammate who will ride first and who will anchor. Teammate 1 will start with the full group of racers so something to consider? Second rider will be in the transition Zone to be Tapped in when rider 1 completes 1 lap of the course. 

How do the Relay Team categories work?
There will be 4 age categories with each, male pairs, female pairs and co-ed. Add your ages together (on the date of the race, minimum age 14+) for sub-40, sub-65, sub-100 and 100+. 

Is there a post ride meal?
MT Adventures always makes sure racers are re-fueled before being sent home. 

Are there awards?
Yes! Awards will take place at the Kick & Push Brewery 24613 Hwy 7, Sharbot Lake, ON. at 4:00pm 

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