Race the BAT FAQ’s

What bike can I use?
Your own! Well….a road bike will not work. A hybrid or cyclo-cross bike will work. The mountain bike you picked up a garage sale or department store will work. The best would be a mountain bike with suspension.

Run, you want me to Run?
The question most asked by mountain bikers. You can walk. You can crawl. You can pull yourself along the trail only using your arms. But this IS a race, running will be fastest! And it will be less than 3 km per lap, you can do it!

If I sign up as a relay team, can I make my partner run or bike for me?
Nope you get to do it all! You will do a lap, which includes both riding and running, then they will do a lap. It’s kind of like “One for me and one for you….” And you get a rest between laps! You can decide as a team how many laps you are going to go for, but each team member must do at least 1 full lap. 

How do you determine the ‘winners’? 
Unlike a conventional race where everyone completes the same distance and whoever is fastest wins, you will have 4 hours to complete as many laps as you choose to do. Based on your level of training, (and competitive drive) the more laps you do the better the chance for that top place finish! However, if you choose to go back out on course close to the 4-hour cut off, and do not make it back before the time runs out, you will NOT count your last lap. Those with the most laps in the fastest time will be ranked highest and receive prizes. However, there will be draw prizes for a chance for everyone to WIN!

Will there be water stations on course?
Nope, we’re not your mothers!  Adventure Racing is about self-sustainability, bring all the water and snacks you think you’ll need. Fortunately, we won’t make you carry it all, there will be a transition zone that you will visit between disciplines, you can stash your packs there.

Do I need to know how to read a map/compass?
No, this is a fully marked course. 

Wait, this race is at night?? 
Yep! If you have not experienced a night race yet, you are in for a treat! We will start at Sunset.  We recommend that you try a night ride and a night run in your training, and test out your lighting system!

What do I need, and can I bring on Race Day?
As said above Adventure Racing, is about having the gear you need to be self sustained so please look at the Gear List and make sure you have the mandatory gear at check-in or you will not be allowed to race. 

What about inclement weather?
We will NOT have access to indoor facilities so dress appropriately. Pop up tents are allowed for shelter during the race. Mid-October can be a mix of everything, so watch the forecast for the day of the race. In the case of DANGEROUS conditions, Race Directors have the responsibility of modifying/ canceling the race at any time, including DURING the race.

Can I bring a cheering squad? 
Please do, the more the merrier!  We have designed a course that will enable your fan club to come and watch & cheer, they will have to stay off the course though!  Limited food may be purchased on-site, so bring snacks!

When do we find out the final course and race details?
In traditional Adventure Racing, maps are not released until 1-48 hours prior to the race start. However, seeing that this is a night race, a GPX  (bike only) file will be provided 7 days prior to allow for pre-riding the course in daylight hours. 

Once registered we will keep you up to date with any additional information via e-mail, Facebook and this site. Your final Racer’s Package with details like  full course maps, parking, and course conditions will come 24-48 hours before the race. 

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